Upside Down Tomatoes Season Two Grows On!

Larry here again!  Yes, it’s been awhile but the Better Boy tomato plants have been growing away while I have been working and traveling.  Well, that is somewhat true for one plant that is doing well!  The other plant is a different story!  It has issues and I’m not sure where to start!  It appears to be partially dead but it has been getting watered the same as the healthy plant.  Perhaps some extra doses of Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food will help it?  A picture of the good plant is on the right.  The other plant is so pitiful I didn’t want to take a picture.

Now, for the real story.  The birds or some other animal are killing me.  About the time the tomatoes ripen the birds start pecking and eating away at them.  I checked with a tomato growing friend of mine and he is having the same problem.   The only way he has found to avoid the problem is to pick the tomatoes when they are about half ripened and let them finish ripening on the counter.  I guess that is plan B for me and I started it today.  The picture on the right is what I have harvested to date.  Unfortunately, I have thrown that many or more away that the birds attacked.  Also, the size of some are not that large.  I hoped they would be bigger, but I wasn’t going to leave them for the birds to enjoy!  Some of the green tomatoes on the bush are looking to be larger than these initial ones.

That’s all for now!  Hopefully, my future post will have better news to share.


Upside Down Better Boy Tomatoes

Larry here.  It’s been about four weeks since I made my inital post for Season Two of Upside Down Tomatoes.  The two better boy plants are growing awy and starting to have some tomato blooms on them.  I won’t bore you with all the details but the two photos will give you some idea on their progress.

Better Boy Tomato Plant #1













We’ll be back soon!  Larry

Upside Down Tomatoes – Season Two is Planted!

Larry here again.

Well, season two of upside down tomatoes has officially started with our planting on April 7th. I did a few things different this season plus I had an “oops” when I planted one of the containers. Here is what we are up to for this season.

I had received some new Topsy Turvy Tomato and Herb planters as a gift but i discovered they won’t work very well for tomatoes only. The tomato and herb planter has openings on the sides to insert herb plants. Unfortunately, they won’t work for tomatoes only since the potting soil comes out the openings. Not a problem since I still had last year’s Topsy Turvy Tomato planters. I just used the parts I needed from the gift planters to replace the unusable parts from last year’s planter. They look sun bleached but they work fine.

As for this year, I’m using the same potting soil which is Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. It seemed to work fine last year with some Miracle Gro Tomato Plant food. However, I decided to try the Better Boy tomato plant this year since I wanted a larger tomato than I was getting with the Patio tomato plant. Hopefully, both decisions will prove successful for the year.

Now, let’s talk about the “oops.” When I was inserting one plant in the Topsy Turvy container I broke the plant off at the bottom of the stem before the root ball. Since I didn’t have a backup plant to use I went to plan B which was sliding the remaining stem higher up the foam holder which pulled the stem of the tomato planter farther up into the planter. Hopefully, this stem will start a new root ball and the Better Boy plant will live and produce beautiful, juicy tomatoes. Otherwise, I will have a one plant container which won’t be the end of the world.

You can see the results of my season two planting efforts below:

Season 2 - Plant 1Season 2 - Plant 2













That’s all for now.  We’ll keep you posted on season two’s progress.


My Second Adventure Begins Soon!

Larry here again!

Get ready.  It’s time for season two of growing upside down tomatoes to begin.  In the next few weeks I’ll be taking what I learned in season one and trying to do a better job growing upside down tomatoes.  Hopefully, my tomato crop will be even more bountiful this season.

Stay tuned.  We’ll be planting soon!


Harvesting Away! Enjoying My Tomatoes!

Hi, Larry here.

It’s been awhile since I posted due to work and vacations.  In the meantime, all three upside down tomato plants have been producing ripe, juicy tomatoes and I have been harvesting away.  I have harvested about twenty tomatoes so far this season.  While they have not been as large as I expected, usually two to three inches in diameter, they have been very tasty!

I must give a big thank you to my neighbor!  He watered the plants three times during my vacation absence.  I have no idea how they would have survived without his help.  A couple of times I took weekend trips and the plants were wilted and shriveled looking when I returned.  Usually in about 30 minutes after watering they were back to normal.

I have included pictures of all three plants I took yesterday. Surprisingly, the patio tomato was the big producer.  It was the original plant planted, has produced the most tomatoes, and is still loaded with tomatoes.  You will have trouble seeing them in the photo since most of them are green.  The other two plants have some green tomatoes on them but not nearly the number of the original plant.

Better Boy Upside Down Tomato Plant #1
Patio Upside Down Tomato Plant
Better Boy Upside Down Tomato Plant #2








That’s all for now.


Harvesting My First Upside Down Tomatoes!

Larry here.

This is just a quick post to let you know I harvested my first two tomatoes from my upside down Topsy Turvy tomato planters.  These are from the Patio tomatoes I planted on April 24th.  Unfortunately, I picked these this morning right before I left for a week of vacation at Amelia Island, Florida.  I’ll get to enjoy them when I return on Friday!  I’m a little concerned that I have nobody to water them for four days.  Hopefully, they will survive ok and rejuvenate themselves with a quick watering upon my return.

Patio Tomatoes Before Picking on June 20thTwo Patio Tomatoes Picked on June 20th

Quick Update on My Growing Upside Down Tomatoes Adventure

Larry here.  Not much going on except watching the tomato plants grow.  I seem to have gotten over the under/over watering situation.  The plants are big enough that I water them every day with about a gallon of water and they seem to be doing fine.  Below are some quick picture updates.

Original Patio Tomato Plant


This is the orginal patio tomato plant I planted on April 24th.  That makes it eight weeks old and it now has seven tomatoes in various sizes.  I would expect the larger ones to begin to ripen soon, but I read somewhere it takes about sixty days to harvest your tomatoes.  If that is the case then I have about one to two weeks.  There are also blooms for additional tomatoes.



Better Boy Tomato Plant


This is the new Better Boy tomato plant I planted three weeks ago in the Topsy Turvy tomato planter.  I actually planted three small plants in the container.  All the plants seem to be doing well and some blooms have appeared.  Hopefully, we’ll have real Better Boy tomatoes growning soon on this plant.



Small Container Better Boy Tomato Plant


This is the one Better Boy tomato plant that I put in a plastic planter three weeks ago with the Topsy Turvy planter.  It also appears to be doing well.




That’s all for now.  May the tomato gods be with me!



Big Update on Growing Upside Down Tomatoes!

Larry here!

Lots of things going on this week with my growing upside down tomatoes project!  I was traveling this week on business so they didn’t get the attention they needed but that could be interpreted as good or bad.  Keeping my inept green thumb away from them might have done them good!  Now, for the updates.

Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterFirst, let’s cover the picture of the tomatoes with the ruler I had last week.  Those tomatoes are GONE!  Both of them were turning black on the bottom.  This happened before with my previous experience trying to grow tomatoes.  After doing some research on Google I learned this is called blossom end rot and can be caused by several things one of which is uneven watering.  Per the suggestion, I pulled the two tomatoes off.  Hopefully, the others will do better as I do better watering.  The are a couple of other potential causes and cures, but we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.  The photo on the right illustrates the original Patio tomato plants condition after four weeks.

Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterSecond, the cucumber plant is gone!  It was doing nothing so I replaced it today with the Better Boy tomatoes I had mentioned earlier.  It will be interesting to see how this variety does versus the original Patio tomato plant I started with.  One thing is different.  When I bought the plants today there were four small ones in the container.  I had read you could use two plants in your Topsy Turvy planter, but I decided to put three of them in the planter.  Hopefully, I didn’t overdo it, but we’ll find out in the upcoming weeks.  The photo on the right is the start of my Better Boy tomato plant adventure!

Better Boy TomatoFinally, I had one tomato left over which I was going to throw away.  Instead of throwing it away my wife suggested that I plant it in an extra plastic container we had so I gave it a shot.  Watch!  It will do better than the others!  Its initial photo in an old plastic plant container is on the right.

That’s all for this week.  Once again, I am hoping the tomato gods will be with me!



Growing Upside Down Tomatoes. How Are We Doing?

Larry here.

This will be a quick post today updating the status of my upside down Topsy Turvy tomato plant.  Since last week I have cut down on the watering and the plant seems to be doing better.   The plant now has five tomatoes and multiple blooms so it is growing away.  In this week’s photo you can see from the ruler that the two largest tomatoes are approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches big.  However, I am concerned that the tomatoes are showing some darkness on the bottom.  I don’t know if this is a problem or not but I did buy some Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food that I will be applying in the upcoming weeks.  I’ll be sure to let you know if it helps or not.

BTW, the cucumber plant is still pitiful!  I think it’s a lost cause but I won’t give up on it yet.  The Miracle-Gro also works for other vegetables so we’ll give it a shot on the cucumber plant.

That’s all for this week.  Please, tomato gods, jump on my bandwagon!


Growing Upside Down Tomatoes – An Update on the Adventure

Larry here! I was traveling on business this week and didn’t get much time to spend on my upside down tomato plants which was probably good. I think I was watering them too much but I was following the instructions. Some of the leaves are turning yellow brown on the edges and my research on the internet says that is a good sign of overwatering. Since I was gone they got a reprieve from my watering regiment. Any comments or suggestions from anyone?

Now let’s take a look at the tomato plant. What do you see? Larry has got his first tomatoes on the vine! They are not big but every tomato has to start as a bud that turns into the tomatoes we love to eat. In my second photo you will see the tomato plant itself. I’m a little surprised since I thought it would be bigger now but it is getting longer and fuller since it’s original planting about three weeks ago.

As to the cucumber plant, it’s still pitiful! So pitiful I can’t put a photo on the posting. I’m actually considering giving up on it due to its poor progress and planting another variety of tomato plant, the beefeater, in its place.

Beefeater’s are really tasty in the summer sliced with some mayonnaise or french dressing on top. Throwing some blue cheese crumbles on them with a little Italian dressing makes for a tasty treat, too. Umm….that’s good!

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know in my next post if the cucumber plant bites the dust and is replaced by the beefeater upside down tomato plant (good probability!) Plus, we’ll let you know if my scaled back watering regime has a positive impact